Outfeed Options

Outfeed Conveyors

Brilliant for getting your shorter products safely away from the business end of your extrusion cutter. Variable speed and fully guarded, our outfeed conveyors can be fitted to any of our machines.

Coiler Heads

Collapsible hubs for "spool-free" winding, or quick release hubs to suit your own spools. Other options include sonar loops for tension free winding and drum lifts for ultimate operator protection

Batching Conveyor

Single or twin bin, with either manual divert or air-blast, we can batch your product into bins ready for operators to load into their packaging, removing the possibility of miscounts.

Outfeed Chutes

Batching into "tote-bins" or bags ? Our chutes provide guarding and filling at the same time. Standard sixes are available off the shelf or we can design something to suit your requirements.